Badminton Ireland and Sportin Global offer tailor-made courses

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Badminton Ireland and Sportin Global will provide tailor-made courses and recruitment tools to connect students and professionals with the organisation, bringing a new source of income for Badminton Ireland.

Sportin Global is a Norwegian startup born with the purpose of connecting professionals and future sports professionals with market opportunities. The work in this direction seems obvious, but the proposal must go far beyond what is visible on the first shelves of the sports industry. In this sense, we want to push this bubble further, to find connections with markets and sporting opportunities that are not necessarily in the spotlight, highlighting the large number of professionals and future professionals in this category.

Our aim is to connect all the dots, create a new source of income for Badminton Ireland and bring more knowledge to the sporting community. This will be the partnership

Provide students and professionals with a short-cut to get one step closer to their dream job in sports” Ole Martin Bebenstad-Founder & CMO – Sportin Global

Sportin Global believes that better individuals result in better organizations, therefore, the process involves finding better professionals and helping them become more competent and thus, take their place in the sports industry and make a difference wherever they go. . It is in this sense that the Sportin Global Academy debuted in 2021, a project aimed at the professional development of those seeking a place in the sports industry and/or in the process of career evolution. The challenge will be to maintain the goal of going beyond the obvious, showing the market with its multiple possibilities and professional performance options. This is a significant and permanent way of contributing to the development of the sports industry.

The Sportin Global Academy is a learning platform that contributes to the professional development of those interested in working in sport and brings organizations of all sizes, structures and approaches closer to their future and potential partners. Enable people to make organizations better every day. This mission guides the startup’s work based on its efforts to bring people one step closer to the sports industry and, similarly, the industry one step closer to finding the most relevant and lasting contributions. process. Organizational evolution. Sportin Global Learning Platform offers short courses from 5 to 8 hours at an affordable price and with a dynamic approach, which reflects the dynamics of personal life of most people today: little time is available for study and extra activities. Additionally, the content offered is far from academic and concept based. On the other hand. The content takes professionals and future professionals into the realities of companies operating in the sports market, their needs, professional practices and also, the application of concepts and fundamentals. The themes are selected according to the greatest needs of each organization and, therefore, focus on what is really important to develop among those who work or wish to work in the professional sports market.

“Badminton Ireland is delighted to continue our partnership with SportingGlobal. They have been a great support to our organization both in promoting the work of Badminton Ireland and as our official recruitment sponsor. We are excited to see their launch of AKADEMI and proud to support it. David McGill – CEO of Badminton Ireland

Edu & Anna (Sportin Global), David McGill CEO Badminton Ireland and Ole Martin Bebenstad CEO Sportin Global

“We look at the academy with great optimism and conviction that it offers a relevant and effective tool, focused on bursting the bubble and going beyond it; To make people better professionals and build better organizations; offers networking opportunities that bring markets and professionals one step closer to each other.” Anna Teresa Ratti, Head of New Business and Partnerships at Sportin Global.

About Sportin Global

SportIn Global is a Norwegian sports-tech company founded in 2017. For the first two years, we spent our time conducting valuable market research, building a solid team with a strong expertise in the sports industry, recruitment and social media.

In 2019 we started our development in collaboration with Zolute Technology & Consulting as our main technology partner. They have immense knowledge and experience with AI and similar projects.

We released our private BETA in the last quarter of 2019 and went live to the public in the first quarter of 2020. It was important for us to establish a solution built for the new generation and have accessibility on all relevant platforms. You can find and access the SportIn global platform on the web, iOS and Android.

During the pandemic we had to adjust our strategy and business models to grow during one of the most challenging times in the sports industry. We have been able to build a strong foundation throughout this time with the help of our amazing partners, clients and advisors.

We have been able to build strong partnerships and clients in 12 countries since the second quarter of 2020. Together we will change the world of sports recruitment and become “the best way to get into the sports industry”.

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