DP World Tour LIV bans golf event players

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DP World Tour has confirmed that members who violated tour rules and participated in an LIV golf event at Centurion Club on June 9-11 will be banned because players have not been released to allow them to participate in the competition.

The activities of LIV golfers violate the conflicting event regulations given in the general regulations handbook of DP World Tour members. The DP World Tour further said that they have violated the Code of Conduct Control, whose members have been reminded at several events in recent times.

DP World Tour will now take the following steps:

Players in question will be fined £ 100,000 and suspended from participating in the Genesis Scottish Open and Barbasol Championships (July 7-10) and the Barracuda Championships (July 14-17).

DP World Tour has confirmed that the money raised from the fine will be shared equally in two ways:

(i) It will be added to the prize fund of the upcoming tournament of DP World Tour, for the benefit of the members of DP World Tour who follow the release rules and

(ii) It will be distributed through the Tour’s Golf for Good program for the DP World Tour for community charitable work.

Commenting on the announcement, DP World Tour chief executive Keith Pel said:

“Every step taken by anyone in life brings a result and it is no different in professional sports, especially if a person chooses to break the rules. That’s what happened here with several of our members. Their actions are not fair to the majority of our members and weaken the tour, so we are taking the step we announced today. “

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