Free Shipping UD Truck U Tora 4t Fine Condor (H5 / 1 ~ H23 / 7) / Big Big Thumb (H2 / 1 ~ H17 / 3) Plated Door Visor

Description of the item

department Automobile, motorcycle truck, dump truck, construction machinery parts truck, dump truck, exterior, etc. condition Not Used (Details)

Product details[পণ্যের বিবরণ]
Plated Door Visors Left and Right Set Side Door Visors

Please use replacement parts from the original product for installation.
Depending on the vehicle, processing may be required, so please have it installed by an expert.
・Depending on the model, even if the model year, vehicle model and type are similar, the information may differ from the information provided depending on the condition of the special specification vehicle, so please make your own decision before purchasing.
Although this is a new and unused item, it is an imported item, so there may be some transportation scratches.

Product information[সামঞ্জস্যপূর্ণ মডেল]
・Manufacturer: UD Truck U Tiger
・ Vehicle Type: 4t Fine Condor (H5 / 1-H23 / 7) / Big Big Thumb (H2 / 1-H17 / 3)
・ Type: Plating

Shipping Shipping: Free shipping (Okinawa, remote islands, and some areas will be charged separately)

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Terms of Service
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◆ In case of products ordered by the manufacturer or in the case of products in stock shared with sister stores
Depending on the product, delivery may take some time or may be out of stock depending on the time of your order.
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◆ In any case, the warranty does not cover damage to the vehicle due to labor or replacement.
◆ Do not forget to check operation before processing / mounting.
We cannot guarantee installation, post-processing, desorption wages, imperfections during installation, negligent injuries, water leakage, etc.
◆ Please note that we are not responsible for any damage caused by installation work by the customer.
◆ Please install using other than accessories at your own risk.
◆ Processing may be required depending on the vehicle.
◆ The warranty period is only 7 days from the date of product shipment for primary defects. Parcel shipment will replace the warranty card.
◆ Our store does not provide support for installation. Install at a technical maintenance shop.
◆ Depending on the monitor environment, the color appearance may differ from the actual product.
◆ Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
◆ Imported products may have scratches or scuffs.
◆ For overseas manufactured products, add caulking treatment if necessary.
◆ In the case of an external product, it is not an original product, so it will not be an exact match.
◆ Instructions are not included.
◆ Regarding vehicle type compatibility, compatibility may differ depending on grade and model year, therefore
Before buying please check the current car shape, space and size and make final decision yourself.
◆ When the product arrives, please be sure to check the product contents.
Please remember.

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