Gujarat Titans will play qualifier 1, who will be their potential opponent? Check out

IPL 2022 Qualifier 1 – Who will face GT in Qualifier 1? Gujarat Titans (GT) will set a date in Kolkata on May 24 with luck. GT has already secured top spot in the Indian Premier League (IPL). As a reward GT will now have the opportunity to play Qualifier 1, the winner will go to the final on May 29. But who can face GT? Will it be Rajasthan Royals or Lucknow Super Giants or someone else – check all the possibilities? Follow IPL 2022 Qualifier 1 and IPL 2022 live update with InsideSport.IN.

IPL 2022 playoff schedule and venue

  • Qualifiers 1 – 24 May Kolkata: Gujarat Titans (1) Vs. team 2
  • Eliminator 25 May Kolkata: Team 3 vs Team 4
  • Qualifier 2 – 27 May Ahmedabad: Eliminator winners vs Qualifier 1 losers
  • Final – May 29 Ahmedabad: Winners of Qualifier 1 vs. Winners of Qualifier 2

IPL 2022 Points Table / IPL 2022 Orange Cap / IPL 2022 Purple Cap / IPL 2022 Full Schedule / IPL 2022 Max Four / IPL 2022 Max Six

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IPL 2022 Qualifier 1: Gujarat Titans have promised to play Qualifier 1 in Kolkata on 24th May.

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IPL 2022 Qualifier 1: Can Gujarat Titans face Rajasthan Royals or Lucknow Super Giants?

Who will play in Qualifier 1? Opponent of Gujarat Titans? Qualifier 1 will be held on May 24 in Kolkata where the top two teams in the IPL standings will qualify for it.

The third- and fourth-placed teams qualify for the Eliminator, with the winner facing the losing team of Qualifier 1 in the second qualifier for the final.

In this way, the team in the top two gets multiple chances to qualify for the final.

In all likelihood Rajasthan Royals or Lucknow Super Giants will get the right to play against GT in Qualifier 1.

This is the latest updated points table after IPL 2022 RR LSG has lost highlights

Terms Team Mat Won Missing Tied NR Points NRR
1 Gujarat Titans 13 10 3 0 0 20 0.391
2 Rajasthan Royals 13 8 5 0 0 16 0.304
3 Lucknow Super Giants 13 8 5 0 0 16 0.262
4 Royal Challengers Bangalore 13 7 6 0 0 14 -0.323
5 Delhi Capitals 12 6 6 0 0 12 0.210
6 Kolkata Knight Riders 13 6 7 0 0 12 0.160
7 Punjab Kings 12 6 6 0 0 12 0.023
8 Sunrisers Hyderabad 12 5 7 0 0 10 -0.270
9 Chennai Super Kings 13 4 9 0 0 8 -0.206
10 Mumbai Indians 12 3 9 0 0 6 -0.613

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Rajasthan Royals:

  • Rajasthan Royals (RR) are the current hot favorites to play GT in Qualifier 1, if RR wins the rest of their fight against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) they will reach Qualifier 1.
  • So they will have two chances to go to the final, no matter what happens to the match involving the other team.
  • RR currently has 16 points and a very good net run rate (NRR). The outcome of the LSG does not matter if they win against CSK.
  • Defeat will result in RR qualifier 1, but then they will have to rely on another team to lose the match. These include LSG, RCB, PBKS and DC.

Remaining matches- RR vs. CSK, Friday, May 20thDC vs LSG live score: KL Rahul wins toss, Rishabh Pant decides to bat first against Delhi Capitals: Follow DC vs LSG ball ball live updates

Lucknow Super Giants –

  • Until the defeat to RR on Sunday, the LSG kept their fortunes in their own hands and sat in second place. They are now third and RK will have to beat KKR in their last match to jump.
  • LSG will also need CSK to beat RRK in their final game as they cannot finish in the top two without a helping hand.
  • A win for LSG and a defeat for RR will see them finish at 18 points and thus take second place.
  • Anything less than a win against CSK or an RR win can be eliminated instead of LSG.

Remaining matches- KKR vs LSG, Wednesday, May 18th

IPL 2022 Qualifier 1: Gujarat Titans have promised to play Qualifier 1 in Kolkata on 24th May.

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  • Mathematically, RCB still has a chance to make it to the top two and qualify for Qualifier 1, but it remains an external opportunity.
  • As the situation stands, RCB can only reach 16 points if they lose to league leader GT in their final game.
  • RCB will have to win by a big margin and then both LSG and RR will need to lose their last two games by a big margin.
  • In this case, the RCB would end up at 16 points, equal to RR and LSG, and thus NRR would decide which team would cross. If RCB manages to get a good NRR and rates both RR and LSG, they will qualify for Qualifier 1.
  • In the above scenario both PBKS and DC are included for not reaching 16 points as they already have a good NRR from RCB and thus will end up above them.

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Punjab Kings-

  • PBKS is ranked seventh in the IPL standings, but has a better chance of qualifying in Qualifier 1 than RCB due to the hand-held game and higher NRR.
  • PBKS will have to win their remaining two matches against DC and SRH and hopefully RR and LSG will lose their remaining matches.
  • If PBKS can win the rest of their matches, then RCB wins academically because their NRR is better than theirs.
  • In this situation, PBKS will end up at 16 points, with RR, LSG and RCB (if they win) and NRR as the determining factor. If PBKS has better NRR than other teams then why qualify for qualifier 1.
  • For the PBKS, losing either of their two matches would see them out of contention for Qualifier 1 and face GT.

Remaining matches-

  1. PBKS vs. DC, Monday, May 16th
  2. SRH vs. PBKS, Sunday, May 22

IPL 2022 Qualifier 1: Gujarat Titans have promised to play Qualifier 1 in Kolkata on 24th May.

Delhi Capitals –

  • Technically, qualifying for Qualifier 1 requires the same set of results as DC’s PBKS.
  • With their last two wins and big defeats to RR and LSG, NRR’s 16-point scenario will come.
  • An RCB win is still academic, if DC can win both of them due to good NRR
  • Defeat in either of their matches would result in DC losing one place in the top two and thus in Qualifier 1.

Remaining matches-

  1. PBKS vs. DC, Monday, May 16th
  2. MI vs. DC, Saturday, May 21

KKR and still qualify for the playoffs but can’t finish in the top two. Although SRH’s weak NRR will see them technically eliminated in the coming days. MI and CSK are technically eliminated from the IPL play-off race.

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