Have Arsenal got too many attackers to choose from?

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Arsenal’s transfers in the summer of 2022 have mainly been for attackers will power Will they be unbalanced on the pitch? Read on for more.

After a relatively successful season, Arsenal finished fifth in the Premier League for the 2021/22 season. Arteter The team finished fourth in the Champions League (to Tottenham) by just 2 points.

While 5th place wasn’t a total disaster, Arsenal have already refreshed their squad for next season and the future looks bright for both the Premier League and Europa League campaigns. However, this freshness in the squad mainly concerns the team’s attackers.

Along with Jesus, Vieira and Marquinhos, Arsenal signed 3 more attackers. at the same time, Lacazette He was the only striker to leave the team. so Question to the fans who will eagerly cling Arsenal tickets A valid one to ask: do Arsenal have too many attackers next season?

Arsenal 2022/23 Season: Expectations

Before we answer that question, we should first examine Arsenal’s choices in the off-season. When it comes to attackers, in less than 2 months, the team managed to sign Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City (£45 million). FabioVieira from Porto (£34m) and Marquinhos from Sao Paulo (£3m).

Such deals raise the expectations of both fans and the board. it is There’s no denying that fans feel Gabriel Jesus will be the striker Arsenal missed last season as they struggled to finish in the Premier League’s top four.

The arrival of Vieira and Marquinhos also helped the fans to believe more in the team’s potential for the next season. but,These three attackers are not the only ones included in Arsenal’s list.

Arsenal Roster: Attackers available for the upcoming season

In contrast, Arsenal have numerous attackers for the 2022/23 season. Saka (RM), Maitland-Niles (RM), Odegaard(ACM), Rowe (ACM), Scallop (ACM), Martinelli (LW), Pepe (RW), Marquinhos (RW), Nelson (RW), Jesus (CF) and Enketia (CF) is a Gunners striker until July 2022.

This squad is full of high quality and combination of experience with potential. Only one question: will Arteta Can you build a strong squad out of these attackers? Most of them played for Arsenal last season.

So, this should not be a problem for such an experienced manager. Still, Arsenal have 12 players for 4 attacking positions. This should be feared Arteta?

Is this number of attackers a good or bad thing? Arteta?

right after Arteta Having extended his contract with the Gunners until May 2022, he gave a lengthy interview in which he claimed that Arsenal is his future. In the same interview, the Arsenal manager said he has mutual trust with the team’s board and owners and his aim is to help the club reach the next level.

Well, Arsenal’s transfers this off-season prove that Arteta And the board is willing to do it. Although the team has (arguably) many attackers, this is characteristic of most top teams. Manchester City, for example, also have 12 attackers until July 2022.

Now we just have to do Wait for Arsenal’s list to be complete. In any case, it’s up Arteta To deal with this situation.

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