Kansai Paint PG80 Toning Color Subaru K7U Tungsten Metallic 3kg (Undiluted Solution) / Automaker Genuine Color Z26 Yahoo!

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department Automobile, motorcycle maintenance paint condition Not Used (Details)

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★ Genuine colors from the manufacturer! 2-component automotive urethane paint[কানসাই পেইন্ট PG80 টোনিং সুবারু কে7ইউ টুংস্টেন মেটালিক 3 কেজি (আলোকহীন সমাধান)]

★ Colors are toned with Kansai Paint PG80 (2-liquid type) from a leading domestic manufacturer.
★Because it is in the new car painting line of all domestic manufacturers, there is a lot of toning data! !

(product content)
Kansai Paint PG80 Toning Subaru K7U Tungsten Metallic 3kg (Lightless Solution)
● Manual
★Kansai Paint PG802 Liquid Urethane Paint is sold in small quantities.
★ The product will be refilled in a plain can.
★Main car model used ・Exiga Crossover 7 ・Legacy
*This product is for spray gun painting.
* Separately, PG80 requires hardener, thinner for thinning, cleaner etc.
Please purchase them together.

1. Add 10% hardener to the paint and mix well.
2. Dilute 100 to 120% with thinner, stir well, filter through a strainer, and then apply.
3. Apply clear coat to finish.
* Be sure to apply “clear” because the color will not develop nicely if not applied clear.
*This product is a single primary color product, so PG80 requires a hardener, thinner for thinning, clear etc. separately.
Please purchase them together.

[শিপিং]Up to 999 grams: 550 yen (tax included) 1 kg to 10 kg: 770 yen (tax included)*A separate relay fee is required for Okinawa and outlying islands Contact us for an initial estimate.

Mixing ratio (weight ratio)
Paint 100: Hardener 10: Thinner 100-120

【Please Note】
Depending on the image shooting conditions and monitor environment, the image may look different from the actual color. Please note that we cannot accept any complaints or returns such as the color being different from what you thought after purchase.

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