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Description of the item

department Automobile, Motorcycle Parts Suspension BMW Suspension Kit (Complete) condition Not Used (Details)

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Contact us for details. Fixed price excluding tax ¥256,000 Model Manufacturer Name BMW Nashad 7 Series / 7 Series model E65 Vehicle Type Information Comment including after M/C
No EDC ideal year 2001/11 Important point Comment No. 1
Strut screw type harmonic drive for both front and rear

Comment No. 6
When installing the original tire and wheel, it needs to be taken out with a spacer because it interferes with the inner part.

Comment No. 8
Cannot be installed on vehicles with auto-levelers

Comment No. 37
For vehicles with electronically controlled dampers, an optional canceller is required

* Information may be updated. Check the manufacturer’s site just in case.

Product Name Version 1 / Version-1
* Click on the product name to go to the manufacturer’s page. Product concept Balance of sport and comfort

Based on the experience of our engineers, we have developed a standard system that can handle individual vehicle height settings while fixing the damping force.
Through many driving tests on real vehicles, we found that Sport is easy to drive, comfortable to ride and extremely safe.
Best balanced damper setting.

Other specifications ■ Corresponding output (kW): 150-327
■ Front Down Amount: 30-60
■ Rear Down Amount: 25-50

* Above figures are a guide only. It may vary depending on individual vehicle differences and usage environment.

* Information may be updated. Check the manufacturer’s site just in case.

Description of the item ■ Constant damping force
Based on a large amount of verification data and a lot of experience, sportiness and comfort are fully considered and adjusted to the optimal balance.

■ Inox-line stainless steel technology
The in-house developed Inox-line, which boasts of incredible durability, is at the core of establishing the KW brand.

■ High performance spring
Made for each model, it achieves a high level of durability through a thorough manufacturing process.

■ Using high-quality parts for long-term durability
It is composed of carefully selected materials such as bump stops with dust covers and durable resin spring seats.

■ Reliable quality of TUV certification
It is certified by the German Technical Inspection Agency, so you can use it with confidence.

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