Miz and Ciampa take out Logan, live follows

WWE Raw Live Streaming: Another week and another edition of Monday Night Raw awaits the WWE Universe. This week’s show will stream…

WWE Raw Live Streaming: Another week and another edition of Monday Night Raw awaits the WWE Universe. This week’s show will be streamed live from Madison Square Garden, New York, NY The upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw is the go home version of SummerSlam, featuring undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns in action alongside The Usos against Riddle and The Street Profits. Follow WWE Raw results and live updates with InsideSport.IN

Also, WWE will celebrate Rey Mysterio’s 20th WWE Anniversary. Also, Rey Mysterio and Dominic Mysterio will battle Judgment Day in a tag team action.

WWE Raw Live Streaming: Miz and Ciampa take on Logan Paul to end IMPAULSIVE TV debut, follow live updates

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WWE Raw Live Streaming

AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler are in control as we go to a commercial break.

AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler vs. Alpha Academy

The Miz soon joined them and while Logan was distracted by the Miz, he was attacked from behind by Ciampa and later followed with a 2 on 1 to end the first Impulsive TV.

Logan invited Paul Miz to continue the start of Monday Night Raw but his challenge was answered by Miz’s wife Maryse.

Logan Paul is here and we see the first Impulsive TV.

Influential TV

Doudrop had good control early on but Alexa Bliss made a great comeback and got a pinfall win over her.

Alexa Bliss vs. Dewdrop

Bianca Bellaire and Becky Lynch brawl until security separates them.

Bianca Bellaire and Becky Lynch

Just as Ray is celebrating with his family, Rhea Ripley shows up and drags Dominic into a trap, where he is assaulted by Doomsday.

Rey Mysterio made a comeback and pinned Finn Balor to earn a huge victory on his 20 year anniversary.

Judgment Day takes control of the match over the Mysterios.

Rey was addressing the WWE Universe and suddenly Finn Balor and Damian Priest came out of the crowd and surrounded the ring.

He thanked all his friends and competitors who have worked with him throughout his career and became emotional remembering Eddie Guerrero.

Rey Mysterio is here with his son. He talks about his legacy and how he broke stereotypes in the game.

Rey Mysterio’s 20 year anniversary

Just when Theory thought the beating was over and was leaving the ring, The Usos hit him with a double superkick as a response to their insults. Roman Reigns comes out and puts the MITB briefcase on Fallen Theory.

Sheamus took Drew McIntyre out of the ring and Theory was going to do the same to Bobby Lashley inside the ring but Dolph Ziggler’s distraction allowed Bobby to apply the hurt lock and win the match.

We’re back from the break and Sheamus has pissed off Drew McIntyre in an attempt to gain control to make things worse for Theory.

The Almighty was trying to spear Theory through the barricade but was saved by a high knee from Sheamus and on the other hand Drew took Butch and Holland out of the ring.

Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre are back in control as The Almighty tags in.

Adam Pearce made the tag team match Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre with Sheamus and Theory official.

Drew was gaining momentum again but was attacked by Reese Holland and Butch as well as Sheamus. Theory joins forces with them but the almighty Bobby Lashley saves the day and helps Drew McIntyre push them back.

Theory makes a valiant effort to put him down but the Scottish Warrior makes a great comeback.

We’re back from break and Theory tries to come back

Drew McIntyre is here and he goes straight after Theory.

Theory vs. Drew McIntyre

Jey Uso hits Theory in the head as Bloodline leaves the ring. Theory then attacks Jey with his briefcase but Roman stops Jey before things can turn into a brawl and Bloodline exits.

Roman Reigns invites Theory to the ring and gives him a short “your daddy’s not here anymore” admonition, teasing Vince McMahon’s retirement.

Bloodline informed the WWE Universe of their plan to take down the Beast, just as they were interrupted by Mr. MITB Theory.

The tribal chief asked Madison Square Garden to admit him.

The Roman Empire is here

The Miz and Logan Paul got into a brawl before Raw aired.

The Miz and Logan Paul

WWE Raw Live Streaming: Miz and Ciampa take on Logan Paul to end IMPAULSIVE TV debut, follow live updates

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Where will WWE Raw be held?

WWE Raw will take place this Monday night at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY.

When does WWE Raw start? the date

This week’s WWE Raw will be on 25th July 2022 (26th July 2022 in India).

When does WWE Raw start? the time

For Indian viewers, WWE Raw will start tomorrow (26th July 2022) at 05:30 am.

Where to watch WWE Raw live streaming?

WWE Raw is live streaming on the USA Network for fans in the United States and on the WWE Network for fans elsewhere. Indian viewers can enjoy WWE Raw LIVE on Sony Sports Network channel. Viewers can tune in on Sony Ten 1/HD for English, Sony Ten 3/HD for Hindi, and Sony Ten/4HD for Tamil and Telugu commentary. Web users can log in at www.sonyliv.com.

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