Nadal vs Zverev live – French Open 2022 semifinal live: Rafael Nadal has reached the final of his 14th French Open when his opponent Alexander Zaverev suffered a horrific injury on the court that brought the Germans to the screen on Friday. Nadal won the first set 7-6 and the score was 6-6 in the second set but Zverev twisted his ankle and was unable to continue the match as he was taken off the court in a wheelchair. Follow Nadal vs Zaverev Live and French Open 2022 live updates with InsideSport.IN

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French Open semifinal live: Rafael Nadal advanced to the final as Alexander Zaverev suffered a serious injury that ended his French Open campaign.

Zverev entered the court after the crutch.

He is being wheeled out of the court.

Alexander Zavrev is injured and is receiving medical treatment.

5-5 to Nadal, Nadal won his crucial service game to level the score at 5-5.

4-5 to Nadal, Nadal reduced the deficit to 4-5 in the second set to break Zaverev.

5-3 to Zverev, When Nadal was 30-40 behind in his service game, Zverev broke him to take a 3-5 lead.

4-2 to Zverev, Xavier gets a triple break over Rafael Nadal as he leads 4-2.

3-2 to Zverev, Xavier won his first service game on the set and took a 3-2 lead.

2-2 to Zverev, With Zverev’s score being 2-2, both players continue to break each other’s service games.

2-1 to Nadal, Nadal again defeated Zverev to make it 2-1.

1-1 to Zaverev, Xavier broke Nadal straight to level the score at 1-1.

1-0 to Nadal, Nadal defeated Zverev by winning the first game in the second set.

The second set

Tiebreaker: 10-7 to Rafael Nadal. Nadal won the tiebreaker and won the first set.

8-5 to Nadal, Nadal saved two break points to go 6-5 in the first set.

5-4 to Nadal, Nadal took the lead in the first set.

4-4 to Nadal, Nadal fought back to break Zaverev and level the score at 4-4.

3-1 to Zverev, Zverev held his serve and went ahead 3-1.

1-0 to Zverev, Zverev drew blood first, breaking Nadal straight to take a 1-0 lead.

The first set

Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zverev entered the court.

The semi-final competition will be held under a closed roof.

The match was delayed by a few minutes due to rain.

Nadal advanced to the semifinals of the 15th French Open, beating arch-rival Novak Djokovic by four sets in the quarter-finals. However, Alexander Zverev avenged his Madrid Open defeat by beating Carlos Alcaraz by four sets in the semifinals.

  • Rafael Nadal started the year on a great note as he was in the 21-match unbeaten streak with which he won the Melbourne Open title, the Australian Open as well as the Mexican Open.
  • He wanted to win his fourth consecutive title of the year but lost in the final to Taylor Fritz and was runner-up in the Indian Wells Masters.
  • After the Indian Wells Masters, Nadal suffered a rib injury and was sidelined for more than a month.
  • He eventually returned to the Madrid Open, where he lost to 19-year-old compatriot Carlos Alcaraz and was knocked out of the quarter-finals.
  • He played in the Italian Open in Rome before the French Open this year. In this tournament, he lost to Denis Shapovalov and was eliminated from the second round.

So far at the French Open-

Rafael Nadal

  • He started the tournament by defeating Jordan Thompson in a straight set in the first round.
  • He then defeated Corinthian Moutet and Botic van de Gendsculop in straight sets in the second and third rounds.
  • In the fourth round, he faced Felix Agar Aliasim and had to play five-set to win the match.
  • In the quarter-finals, he faced a tough challenge from world number one Novak Djokovic. He won 6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 7-6 games.
  • Third seed Zverev is chasing his first title this year. He started the year at the Australian Open where he lost in the fourth round.
  • His best performance came at the Open Sud de France, where he was runner-up after a straight set defeat against Alexander Bublik.
  • He faced exit from the second round at the Mexican Open and the first round at the Indian Wells Masters. He then advanced to the quarterfinals of the Miami Open.
  • He started the clay court season this year by appearing in the semifinals at the Monte Carlo Masters.
  • After facing a first-round exit from Bavarian International, he was runner-up in Madrid after losing a straight set to Carloa Alcaraz in the final.
  • At the Italian Open, he reached the semifinals and lost to Stefanos Citcipas.

So far at the French Open-

  • He started the French Open campaign against Sebastian Offner and won the game in straight sets.
  • In the second game, Sebastian Beaz pushed him into a five-set thriller, which Xavier eventually managed to win by losing the first two sets.
  • He then defeated Brabdon Nakashama in a straight set in the third round.
  • In the fourth round, he faced a geode challenge from Japatta Mirales but he won the match 7-6, 7-5. 6-3 to advance to the quarter finals.

Nadal vs. Zaverev head to head: This will be the tenth meeting between the two players. Nadal led 6-3 on the head-to-head record. They met twice last year in Madrid and Rome. Both matches reached the quarter-finals, and while Xavier won the game in straight sets in Madrid, Nadal won in straight sets in Rome.

French Open semifinal live: Rafael Nadal advanced to the final because Alexander Zaverev suffered a serious injury that ended his French Open campaign

When will Nadal vs. Zaverev live? Match start? –

The match between Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zaverev will be played on Friday, June 3. The match will start at 6.15 pm IST.

Which channel will broadcast the match between Nadal and Zverev?

The semifinal between Nadal vs. Zverev will be broadcast in English on Sony Ten 2.

Which app will live stream the fourth round match between Nadal vs Zaverev?

The Sony Live app will stream live the fourth round match between Nadal vs. Zverev.

Where will the match between Nadal vs Zverev?

The match will be played at the Philippe Chatterjee in Paris.

French Open semifinal live: Rafael Nadal advanced to the final as Alexander Zaverev suffered a serious injury that ended his French Open campaign.

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