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department Automobile, motorcycle accessories vehicle storage, holder console box condition Almost unused (details)

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[ফ্রি শিপিং]Cannot ship to Okinawa

It is a set product of “seat cover” and “armrest”.
Much cheaper than buying separately!
Dress up your car at once!

<সামগ্রী সেট করুন>
Seat cover x 1
Armrest x 1

■Seat Cover Adjustment Information■

Product Name: Seat Cover Canter (Bluetec) Type 8 Wide Cab FEB FEC Custom (H22/11-H28/03) Integrated Headrest “Azur” Mitsubishi Fuso “Free Shipping”

◆Product Details◆
[আজুর]is a front-only functional seat cover brand specializing in commercial trucks, commercial vans and 2-seater sports.
A commercial vehicle may be in operation for a longer period of time than a private vehicle. A two seater sports car for pure driving enjoyment.
Both are special cars that demand more driver comfort than normal cars.
[আজুর]Focusing on its importance, and providing support for drivers who value driving, drive comfort for employees,
We aim to create products that meet the strict cost consciousness of commercial products.

◆Date of Delivery◆
We usually have a large amount of stock, but if it is out of stock, it may take a long time to deliver, so if you are in a hurry, please contact us in the question column.

◆ Note◆
This product is for the front row only. The contents of the set are exclusive to the vehicle model, so please be sure to check the compatible vehicle model, grade, year and incompatibility conditions before purchase.
Seat belt guides may need to be removed.
* The picture is a sample product, so it differs from the actual product.

◆Compatibility Information◆
■ Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Fuso
■Vehicle Type: Canter (Bluetec) 8 Type Wide Cab
■ Type: FEB FEC
■ Grade: Custom
Year type: H22/11~H28/03
■ Headrest Shape: Integrated
■ Back pocket (driver’s seat):○
■ Presence or absence of back pocket (passenger seat): ×
■ Armrest Cover: Yes
■ Center Seat (Center Seat): Split type
■ Comment:
Passenger Seat/Center Seat Backrest Split
* Compatible with vehicles with armrests and vehicles without armrests.

■ Armrest adjustment information■

A Brand Name: Console Box For Truck Canter Mitsubishi Fuso Black Leather Armrest Storage Armrest Azure “Free Shipping”

◆Product Details◆
From the Azure brand, which is strong in commercial vehicles, comes a console box for trucks.
Using high-grade PVC leather, safe and gentle quality.

・This is a console box that improves driving convenience
Large capacity for over 20 canned coffees! A drink holder is also included.
・It can also be used as an armrest depending on the width of the vehicle.
・It is safe to put the tongue behind the console and wear the seat belt.
・Firmly fixed, but easy to move.

【Product Brief Description】
・Compatible model: Mitsubishi Fuso Canter
* It is common to be installed on the 3-seat center seat, but it is possible to install it on the front passenger seat even with 2 seats.
*No restrictions when used in front passenger seat or back seat. Judge whether it can be installed based on the size of the product.
・Size: Height 25cm x Width 28cm x Depth 47cm
Storage: Height 12cm x Width 25cm x Depth 27cm
・Drink holder: 7.5cm diameter

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