SodaPin reveals that gambling on Twitch may not be permanent, see details here

Twitch Gambling: Popular streamer Sodapoppin – Gambling on Twitch is a regular source of controversy within the streaming community. Although most streamers…

Twitch Gambling: Popular Streamer Sodapoppin- Gambling on Twitch is a regular source of controversy within the streaming community. While most streamers like Pokimane openly advocate against the idea of ​​livestream gambling, other streamers like xQc and TrainwrecksTV participate in livestream gambling. During a recent livestream, popular OTK streamer Sodapoppin discussed the concept of Twitch gambling and suggested that the genre may be temporary on the platform. For more such updates on streamers and twitch gambling, follow InsideSport.IN.

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Sodapoppin was reading a Bloomberg article discussing the flaws of Twitch gambling when he came across the information that the genre might not be sustainable on the purple platform.

Twitch Gambling: Sodapopin reveals how Twitch gambling can be temporary

Twitch gambling has become a regular topic of debate among streamers on the platform, with many of them sharing their views on the situation. Sodapoppin, during a recent stream, was discussing this issue when he came across a Bloomberg article that talked about the impact of popular Twitch streamer gambling on the platform. While the article initially talked about how Twitch streamers gambling on the platform had a negative impact on viewers and fans, a certain part of the article caught the OTK streamer’s attention, as it mentioned that gambling cannot be a permanent feature on Twitch.

According to the article, a Twitch spokesperson recently revealed to Bloomberg that the gambling feature may not be permanent on Twitch. In fact, according to the official, the platform was currently deep in the midst of looking at the impact of gambling and its behavioral impact on the platform’s visitors.

[The company is] Currently taking a deep-dive look at gambling behavior on Twitch.

Furthermore, Twitch officials even wanted to stop link sharing and referrals to gambling streams, since it led to multiple scams and fraudulent behavior. This comes in light of the fact that popular Twitch streamers like xQc and TrainwrecksTV will share referral codes and links in their chats. Naturally, since this leads to a bunch of scams from the viewers, the platform has decided to stop link sharing and referrals to gambling streams.

Speaking about the issue, a Twitch spokesperson added, “We take any potential harm to our community very seriously. While gambling content represents a very small portion of content streamed on Twitch, we monitor it closely to ensure our approach minimizes potential harm to our global community.

Since the confirmation came from Twitch officials, fans can be sure that they won’t be seeing Juar streams on the platform for much longer. However, it remains to be seen when the ban will be imposed on gambling.

Many popular streamers have shared their views on gambling on Twitch in the past

Over the past few years, gambling streams have become a major topic of debate within the Twitch community. While popular streamers like Pokimane have shared that they have received offers to gamble on livestreams, they have refrained from accepting those offers from an ethical standpoint. Pokemone believes that a large portion of its audience is under the age of 18, so it is the streamer’s responsibility not to promote addictive content on their platform.

On the other hand, streamers like xQc openly gamble on livestreams, but always maintain that they do it because they can and genuinely enjoy it. Lately, though, xQc has admitted that he has lost a lot of money gambling, but he mostly does the same offline, so his audience may not be swayed by his choices.

twitch gambling xqc mizkif trainwreckstv pokimane
xQc is one of the most popular names in Twitch gambling (Image via Ludwig/YouTube)

Mizkif is another streamer who shares his thoughts on the gambling genre. Although the streamer used to participate in gambling streams earlier, he later stopped as he realized that it was harmful to his audience as well as himself. The wake up call for the streamer came when he saw a 14-year-old fan gambling on a site promoted on his platform.

“I stopped because I felt really bad.”

Although gambling makes up a very small part of Twitch’s vast diversity, it is considered one of the most harmful genres because it openly promotes addiction. Twitch has even launched a safety center on its platform, where any user suffering from addiction can seek help.

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