Sofa Sofa Selectable Covering Mix Color Sofa Bench Living Dining Dining Table W150 Sofa Sofa

Selectable Covering Mix Color Sofa Bench Living Dining Set[কে-জয়]K-Joy Series

The product type you are currently viewing is Dining Table W150. Please be careful not to make a mistake in your order.

Other types can be purchased from the following.

3-Piece Set (Table + 1 Sofa + 1 Arm Sofa) W1203-Piece Set (Table + 1 Sofa + 1 Arm Sofa) W1504-Piece Set (Table + 1 Sofa + 1 Arm Sofa + 1 Stool) W1204 W1504 Piece Set ( table + 1 sofa + 1 arm sofa + 1 stool) W1204-piece set (table + 1 sofa + 1 arm sofa) leg + 1 bench) W1505-piece set (table + 1 sofa + 1 arm sofa + 1 bench + 1 stool) W1205-Piece Set (Table + 1 Sofa + 1 Arm Sofa + 1 Bench + 1 Stool Leg) W150 Stool 1P Dining Sofa Arm Type 2P Dining Sofa Backrest Type 2P Dining Table W120 Dining Table W150 Bench 2P Exclusively Old Sofa Cover (Seat) 2P sold separately (arm sofa cover (back) part)) sold separately for 2P (stool cover sold separately) for 1P sold separately (cover for backrest sofa sold separately (seat part)) sold separately 2P For (Backrest Sofa Cover Sold Separately (Back Section)) 2P For (Sold Separately) Bench Cover Sold Separately) 2P

Choose from mix colors! !

Living and dining sets

Enjoy the interior
~So fun, so internal~


Point.1 mixed colors that you can choose according to your taste
Point.2 You can freely adjust the layout of your room.
Point.3 specifications that can be assembled in the sense of DIY

So fun, so interior
“Enjoy” the interior!
“Coordinate your room with your favorite colors”

Choose from 9 patterns!

single color
Navy beige brown

Mix the colors
Navy × Badge
(Rear:NV/Seat:BE) (Rear:BE/Seat:NV)
Navy x Brown
(Back:NV/Seat:BR) (Back:BR/Seat:NV)
Brown × Beige
(Rear:BR/Seat:BE) (Rear:BE/Seat:BR)

Living Dining
Space-saving and flexible use

Do you have this problem?
“In the current room, if you put the sofa and the dining room, it looks cramped…”
“I want a room where I can relax, but I also want a place where I can work…”

Your problem is solved
Living Dining Set
What is it?

Wide and effective use of limited space
The biggest attraction of the L-shaped living dining set is that it is compact and multi-functional.
LDK cleans the space where you spend your daily life, giving you a comfortable life. Moreover,
It’s designed so that you won’t get tired even if you sit for long periods of time while eating or doing small tasks like work.

“Freely decorate your room by changing the layout”

“A coveted-cafe space!!”
When you have an audience, hospitality is perfected by doing it face-to-face.
It is a place like a cafe.

“Highly designed and highly functional interior”

Dining space for conversation
The bright dining room is a natural gathering place for family and lively conversation. I can’t help but try it in my everyday cooking.

Comfortable accommodation
After meals, it is designed to gradually relax and heal fatigue throughout the day. It is characterized by little work and ease of operation.


sofa design
A simple design that cleans up the space.

Excellent comfort! !
Subtle design that does not compromise the comfort of eating and working while realizing “relaxation” as a sofa.

Even if you sit for a long time, the firmness of the seat surface is calculated so that you do not get tired.

Because the arm sofa can be replaced left and right,
You can choose according to your room.

Easy to change left and right.

“The fun of assembling furniture with a DIY sense”

I am passionate about furniture that I put together myself.
So that not only men but also women can experience the fun of DIY
Designed for easy assembly.

Attach the cover ring and you are done!!

It has a magic tape specification and can be easily replaced.
It’s also nice that the cover is washable.


Table design
Delicate form that looks beautiful.

The beautiful wood grain top plate has a beautiful finish and is smooth and comfortable to the touch.
The urethane coating makes it easy to clean.

The rounded leg form feels artistic.
Because it’s simple, you can match it with different flavors.

The bottom of the foot is felt, so the floor will not be damaged.

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