The Irish Cream of the Crop: The Best Combat Stars

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Ireland has produced some of the toughest fighters in the world. Whether it’s the world of MMA, boxing or wrestling, there are some Irish fighters who have made their mark in the world of combat sports. The luck of the Irish combined with hours of training and skill made these fighters what they are.

Fighting sports have always received a lot of attention due to which fighting events get large audiences. But Irish culture can be seen almost everywhere. You can see it in books, movies, and TV shows, and it’s even inspired some online slot games. no election Irish casino sites in 2022 The casino will let fans enjoy an excellent group of slots and table games. The main thing about them is their enjoyment of responsibility.

Ireland’s best battle stars are easy to spot. These are fighters who have made a name for themselves through hard work and determination. So like a stiff combination of jab-crosses, it’s time for the best Irish battle stars you’ll ever see:

Katie Taylor

Bray Bomber is not the kind of girl you want to be angry with. After all, Katie had big things early in her career. He was not your average amateur as he had many wins under his belt. Fast forward to today, and you have a professional boxer with an unblemished record.

He beat every opponent he faced. In other words, he won 21 of the 21 fights he fought Furthermore, he won 6 of those fights by knockout. In short, Katie Taylor is a professional boxer with a lot to contend with as she seeks to go down as one of the best female boxers.

Becky Lynch

When it comes to fighting sports, wrestling seems to be pushed aside. But when you have Becky Lynch In the ring, wrestling is hard to ignore. He made a name for himself in the ring by defeating his opponents and was soon signed to WWE.

She still made it big as a member of the WWE and proved, time and time again, that women can duke it out just as much as men. She put women wrestlers on the map from the margins and will continue to do so as her career is far from over.

Steve Collins

Both women have an amazing track record, but the men shouldn’t be underestimated either. When it comes to boxing, Steve Collins is one of the former greats and he is Irish. In the 90s, English middleweights seemed to dominate boxing, until Collins put a stop to it.

He also managed to face and defeat Chris Eubank in 1995. Collins has an impressive record of 39 wins and 3 losses. He has faced boxers from American, British, French and other countries and made sure they get into the ring. That’s why everyone knows about the Celtic Warrior.

Conor McGregor

You can’t talk about the best Irish war starts and not mention them Conor McGregor. This Irish MMA fighter is known to the world for his prowess in and out of the ring. He insults his opponents, knocks them off their guard and into the ring.

One of his most memorable performances was when he faced Jose Aldo for the second time and managed to knock him out in 13 seconds. His MMA career didn’t stop him from getting into boxing. He lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr., but he got a lot of attention. Whatever path he takes in the future, he will remain a legend in the fighting world.


With these people in mind, you can see that Irish lassies and boys can be pretty tough. Irish Battle Stars would continue to represent the Irish in the ring for years to come.

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