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Item description

department Automobile, motorcycle parts computer for Volvo condition Not Used (Details)

car manufacturer Volvo
Volvo Type of vehicle V90 Vehicle model PB420 the engine B420 production 2.0 normal 254PS/350Nm up value +54PS +78Nm

Comment * Horsepower and torque shown are values ​​declared by Racechip in Germany, and values ​​are not guaranteed depending on region, fuel, conditions, etc.
* This product is exclusive to each model.
* Depending on the condition of the vehicle, the original performance may not be obtained. (eg aging deterioration of plugs, O2 sensor, mass air sensor, DPF sensor etc.)
* If the idle error or check lamp lights up after installing this product, the above sensors may be out of order due to deterioration over time.
In the above case, please check or replace the intake/exhaust system sensor.
* Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement. Please note that the product may be subject to model changes and price changes without notice.
* Image is a representative model sample. Not all models and grades have the same shape.
*Compatibility information is updated from time to time, but it may be updated by the manufacturer without notice, so be sure to check the latest compatibility table on the manufacturer’s homepage before ordering.

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