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As the NBA season begins to reach its conclusion, basketball fans have been treated for months, and a number of steps have been taken to restore normalcy to the end of the coronavirus epidemic. Just a year ago we saw games held behind closed doors, travel was restricted and interest in the sport was at its lowest level year after year, but as fans returned to the courtside and the games flowed as usual, the entertainment almost grew a notch this season. Players seem to be giving their all despite having so many games in quick succession.

Choosing a winner in the championship is becoming increasingly difficult, and when Steve Curry’s Golden State Warriors went into it as a favorite for most people Bet on the NBA, Boston Celtics are looking for their first title since 2008 and will not go down without a fight. The franchise has been enjoying their best season for years and finally has a roster worthy of competition, with forwards Jason Tatum and Jillian Brown forming a deadly offensive alliance.

The subtle margins want to decide this and while the Celtics are on fire, other forwards in some leagues will be jealous that they are not in contention for the coveted trophy at this stage of the season. But how do the likes of Tatum and Brown compare to the rest of the trailing pack? Read on, we keep an eye on the top three forwards in the NBA this season.

Giannis Antetokunampo

Where else to start without the Greek whimsical Giannis Antetokounmpo. The 27-year-old has continued his great form this season, almost single-handedly taking the Milwaukee Bucks to last year’s championship, winning the MVP in the process, although his team struggled to revive the same unity they saw when they defeated the Phoenix Sun. 12 months ago. Antitoconumpo has hinted that he will take a break at some point in the near future and another unpleasant season could force the Greeks into early exile.

‘If I take a year’s leave, what will I do?’ He asked. ‘I would disappear. I will go to an island in Greece, stay with my family and be missing for a year.

‘I’m honest.’


Let’s flashback to the 2021 Ulster Game – Kevin Durant has a frustrated personality as his team lost to LeBron James in a very ordinary performance. After jumping off the ship from Golden State to the Brooklyn Nets in 2019, Durant took his time to adapt to the new environment, and COVID certainly didn’t help. But he now seems to have found his footing again, since the 2014 MVP averaged about 30 points per game throughout the season, a much improved return that the net should reward their patience. The 33-year-old is a picture of continuity and will have to replicate it in hopes of advancing further to next year’s playoffs.

Zion Williamson

Despite having a tough season in terms of the New Orleans Pelicans’ results, Zion Williamson was a bright light in an otherwise frustrating few months, as Willie Green’s team finished eighth in the Western Conference. From an individual standpoint though, the 21-year-old Williamson enjoyed another breakout year as he quickly established himself as one of the league’s best forwards. Only Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers surpassed him in the final games of the season, but with so much experience at such a young age, with his best years ahead of him, something big can be expected from Janos in the future.

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