Verstappen enjoyed a respectable title battle with Leclerc compared to Hamilton

Source No. 1: Max Verstappen enjoyed the battle with Charles Leclerc this F1 2022 season and called it an honor: Red Bull’s Max Verstappen claims there is ‘more respect’ Between him and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc with whom he is battling for the F1 2022 title. Meanwhile, the Dutch driver reckons that wasn’t the case last season when he battled for the F1 title with Lewis Hamilton. Follow Formula 1 and Belgian GP live updates on InsideSport.IN

Verstappen was candid about his relationship with Leclerc and also said he was enjoying the on-track battle with the Monegasque driver this season. “I like what we have now because, first of all, Charles, I know very well. He is a nice guy. We’re the same age, I think we’re only three weeks apart, and I think we’re fighting a very respectable competitor on terms. Ferrari’s The way they go about it, the way we’re fighting – if they win a race, we can go up to them and say ‘well done’ and if we win a race, they can come up to us and say ‘well done’. Verstappen said.

Fact 1: Max Verstappen enjoys title honors with Charles Leclerc compared to last season's battle with Lewis Hamilton - see why?
Source 1: Max Verstappen battling Charles Leclerc at the Saudi Arabian GP.

“I really respect it and some of the guys in the team and even Mattia [Binotto], I have a really good relationship with him. On Saturday night, we even got a laugh at Paul Ricard and that’s great because that’s what racing should be about. We are fierce competitors on the track and will always try to beat each other which I think is very natural, but outside of that, you can have a good time too. I have really enjoyed this year,” Added Verstappen.

While the 2021 title battle was in close turmoil, things have been more nuanced this season. However, in reality, this is because last year’s title fight was so close and things have been shaped differently this year as Verstappen enjoys a healthy 80-point lead over second-placed Charles Leclerc.

Meanwhile, Leclerc has secured more pole positions this year but through his own fault, Ferrari’s engine reliability and tactical errors made by the team have been the downfall for the Monegasque driver.

Verstappen, on the other hand, has won eight races so far in the F1 2022 season and looks more dominant on track. Because Red Bull ran into their own reliability problems early in the season and haven’t looked back since.

Fact 1: Max Verstappen enjoys title honors with Charles Leclerc compared to last season's battle with Lewis Hamilton - see why?
Source 1: Max Verstappen wins the eighth race of the F1 2022 season in the form of the Hungarian GP.

Finally, when Verstappen was asked if he missed the friendly relationship with Lewis Hamilton last season the Dutchman replied that the relationship between me and Hamilton or even Red Bull and Mercedes will not be in good condition in the future. .

“Let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t be at the table laughing on a Saturday night [with Mercedes]. The click that we have at the moment, in general, I have a lot of respect for Ferrari and it’s great,” Verstappen concluded.

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