YAMAHA MX49 BK Synthesizer BEHRINGER MS16 Powered Monitor Speaker Dedicated Soft Case with X-Type Stand Yamaha

YAMAHA MX49 BK Synthesizer BEHRINGER MS16 Powered Monitor Speaker X-Shaped Stand with Dedicated Soft Case

A set product consisting of a synthesizer, a pair of powered speakers and an X-shaped stand

Set content:
YAMAHA MX49 BK Synthesizer
A pair of BEHRINGER MS16 powered monitor speakers
Hosa CPR-202 2m Mono Phone x 2-RCA Pin x 2 Audio Cable
・Deacon Audio KS-020 Keyboard Stand X Type Keyboard Stand Double Leg

・YAMAHA MX49 BU Synthesizer with soft case

The MX49 BK is a synthesizer featuring a light, compact body and high-quality tone, based on the concept of “a synthesizer that makes it easy to carry good sound around”.

■ It is attached with exclusive soft case! Lightweight and compact design for easy portability.
It is designed to be lightweight and compact so that it can be carried and used anywhere, such as rehearsal studios, live venues and schools. At 3.8 kg, it’s as light as an electric guitar. In addition, the body size is a compact design with minimal depth. It has a design that makes it easy to carry, such as creating a rest at the bottom for the handle so you can easily put your hand on it.

Also, a dedicated soft case, previously sold separately, is now included, making it possible to purchase the synthesizer as a single package that allows you to easily carry good sounds with you.

■ New color variations to improve images.
Based on the color of the previous model, the figure has been renewed. In addition to the black model (BK) with a new color to improve visibility on stage, the lineup includes a blue model (BU) that strongly appeals to activism.

■ High quality sound source directly from the MOTIF series.
Equipped with 1,000 tones straight from the MOTIF series, which has a reputation for sound quality. It covers a wide range of sound categories, from keyboard instruments such as piano and electric piano to strings, synth brass and synth lead, which are often used in bands. Also, the effects that give the sound the ultimate flavor are equipped with MOTIF’s VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) effect, REV-X (High Quality Reverb) effect and Master EQ. You can get the professional-level sound inherited from the “MOTIF Series”.

■ Tone Download Service “Yamaha Synthesizer Sound Library”.
Sound data can be freely downloaded from the “Yamaha Synthesizer Sound Library” and loaded into the main unit. You can freely get tone data that can be used immediately in bands, including data that reproduces the tones used in songs by a famous band in the MX series.

■ A user interface that allows you to easily perform the operations required to play
Dedicated buttons are provided for the basic operations required to play and do not require complex operations. For example, 16 instrument section buttons are arranged on the panel, allowing you to select sounds from instrument sections such as piano, keyboard, and strings. Also, you can use the dedicated buttons to set a layer that overlaps two sounds and a split that is sorted for each range. The user interface is friendly even for those who are new to synthesizers.

■ Compatible with music production by connecting to a PC or Mac.
Equipped with a USB audio MIDI interface function that can exchange not only MIDI data, but also audio data simply by connecting the MX series main unit and a PC with a USB cable. Also, download information that allows you to download the latest version of “Cubase AI”, a special edition of the DAW software Cubase series. You can create music by connecting it to a PC or Mac.

■ Strengthen collaboration with iPhone / iPad.
It supports USB Class Compliant and can output iPhone/iPad audio from MX series head units by connecting iPhone/iPad via USB via Lightning to USB camera adapter. At the same time, you can play music apps on your iPhone or iPad with MX’s keyboard.
Released at the same time as the free FM sound source app “FM Essential” and Steinberg’s iPad app “Cubasys LE”, each has its own functional limitations. By doing this, the restriction will be lifted and you will be able to use. This is as a full featured version. This makes it possible to use the iPhone as an extended sound source and produce music on the iPad.

■ Size/Weight
Width: 830 mm
Height: 91 mm
Depth: 298 mm
Weight: Weight: 3.8 kg

■ Operator
· Keyboard:
Key Number: 49
Primary Touch: Yes

■ Sound source section
Sound source method: AWM2
・Maximum polyphony: 128 words
・Number of multi-timbers: 16 built-in sound sources
・Waveform memory: 166MB equivalent (16bit linear conversion)
・Number of Voices: Preset: About 1,106 Normal Voices + 61 Drum Kits GM: 128 Normal Voices + 1 Drum Kit User: 128 Normal Voices + 8 Drum Kits
・Number of performances: User: 128 tones (16 parts)
・ Effects: Reverb x 9 types (42 presets), Chorus x 17 types (88 presets), Insert x 48 types (267 presets) x 4 systems, Master EQ (5 bands)

■ Sequencer
Tempo (BPM): 5 300
・Number of songs: 27 demo songs
・ Number of patterns: 208 patterns
・Arpeggiator: 999 types
・Sequence format: SMF format 0 (playback only)

・Remote-compatible software: Cubase 8 or later, SONAR X2 Producer Cubase 8 or later, Logic Pro X, Digital Performer 9 * Content that can be controlled remotely varies depending on the function of each software.
・Controls: Pitch Bend Wheel x 1, Modulation Wheel x 1, Assignable Knob x 4, [DATA]Dial x 1
・Display: 3 digit LED + 20 x 2 line characters LCD (with backlight)
・Connection terminal: Output [L/MONO]/[R](standard phone jack),[PHONES] (stereo standard phone jack),[FOOT CONTROLLER],[SUSTAIN]MIDI [IN]/[OUT]USB [TO HOST]/[TO DEVICE] (Class Compliant Compatible),[AUX IN]inside DC
・Power consumption: 9 watts
・Accessory materials: Power adapter (PA-150B or equivalent recommended by Yamaha), warranty card, instruction manual, CUBASE AI download information

A pair of BEHRINGER MS16 powered monitor speakers
Compact powered monitor speakers ideal for music production, listening to music, vocalists and keyboardists
・Compact powered monitor speakers ideal for music production, music listening, vocalists and keyboardists.
Consists of a powerful 4-inch woofer powered at 8W and high-resolution tweeter.
・Equipped with 2-band tone control for each speaker, it is possible to modify the sound quality.
・Since 2 stereo line inputs (RCA/stereo mini) can be played simultaneously, it is possible to play guitar and keyboard while playing CD.
· Headphone terminal with speaker auto-mute function.
· Magnetic shield to prevent interference with PC displays etc.

◆ Powered monitor speakers
Frequency response: 80Hz-20kHz
Driver Configuration: HF: 1.5″
: LF: 4 inches
Power Amplifier: 8W x 2
Microphone input: standard phone jack x 1, equipped with level controller
Line Input: Stereo Mini Jack (3P) x 1, RCA x 2 (LR)
Headphone Output: Stereo Mini Jack (3P) x 1
Power supply: AC100V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 33W
Dimensions (W x H x D): 150 x 241 x 140 mm
Mass: 2.1 kg (right), 1.4 kg (left)
Accessories: RCA Single Speaker Cable (2.5m) x 1, Y Cable (Stereo Mini Plug – Red & White RCA, 1.5m) x 1
* It is a set of 2 pieces.

Hosa CPR-202 2m Mono Phone x 2-RCA Pin x 2 Audio Cable

【Stereo Interconnect】
A dual cable that uses 2 mono phones and 2 RCA to connect devices with 2 mono phone stereo outputs and RCA inputs.
This is convenient when using equipment such as mixers, synthesizers, keyboards, DJ equipment and monitor speakers.

It is a very easy to handle with nickel-plated plug, OFC (oxygen-free copper) conductor and flexible shield that achieves excellent stability and signal transmission.
· Length: 2 m
・Plug: Dual 1/4″ TS – Dual RCA

・Deacon Audio KS-020 Keyboard Stand X Type Keyboard Stand Double Leg
* If rattling occurs after assembly is completed, turn the rubber caps on the grounding parts with protrusions to adjust.

A simple X-shaped keyboard stand. The size is convenient to carry.
Easy height adjustment with lever type fixed gear.

Height when in use: 330mm to about 850mm (sitting to standing)
* If you set the height above 850mm, the stability of the stand will be lost.
Width: 490mm (height 850mm) ~ 960mm (height 330mm)
Depth: Foot part/490mm, Keyboard setting part/410mm
Weight: 4.2 kg
Load capacity: about 55 kg

[ভাঁজ করা হলে]
Size: 80x490x1000mm (WxDxH)


A set product consisting of a synthesizer, a pair of powered speakers and an X-shaped stand

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